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Stand Up Paddle Board, Surfboard & Kayak Rentals


Do I need experience to paddle board?

Nope, most of our customers are first timers. You must know how to swim and be physically fit enough to get to a standing position from your hands and knees.

How old must a child be to go paddle boarding?

There is technically no minimum age, but from experience we find that children ages 12  and up do the best, although we have had customers as young as 8 look like professionals! It is all dependent on his or her coordination skills and the wind conditions that day.

Can my child ride along with me on my board?

That is completely dependent on your skills as the balancing act becomes more difficult. Our boards that will fit a child under the age of 8 sitting on the front, we require them to wear a life jacket and know how to swim.

When is the best time to go paddle boarding?

Normally morning and evening have the least amount of wind. Those are the best times for paddle boarding. Sometimes in the afternoon the winds pick up and create a current. When you call to schedule a rental we will check the forecast and give you our recommendation.

What is your cancellation policy?

We are very laid back and accommodating. If you cannot make your appointment at the scheduled time please just give us a heads up the night before and we can reschedule or cancel. Although once the boards are dropped off and payment is made, there will be no refunds.

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